Creation-Manifestation: Why It Fails & What To Do About It

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Have you known that you want to change your life but aren’t sure how to do it?

Whether it’s your job, the financial abundance you experience, your physical vitality, or even your relationships (including your relationship with yourself!), life shouldn’t be this hard.

What keeps you from being able to create-manifest the life you want has almost nothing to do with the method nor how much you try!

My practice is getting busier and busier and I ended up adding an extra day at my office to accommodate the increase in patients wanting to come in. I’ve also consistently gotten 1-2 new patients per week! – Heather B., SF Bay area, USA

My creatinine levels were over 140 for three years (normal range less than 50, I think), and in my most recent labs, they dropped to 119, and my moderate kidney disease turned into mild-to-moderate kidney disease in just a couple of months!!! I haven’t changed anything else! - Ting J., Ottawa, Canada

In this ebook you’ll learn what really blocks creation-manifestation no matter what you seem to try, and what to do about it.

Once you know this, you'll feel more empowered and can gain the momentum to lead the life you want.

My name is Karen Cheong, and I help clients all over the world to experience their limitless potential—and you’ll discover how you, too, can start on that path with my book, Creation Manifestation: Why It Fails & What To Do About It.

The ebook is regularly $14.95.

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“I didn’t think this would make a difference, but ever since listening to this meditation daily, so many business opportunities have opened up!” ─ Gary S., San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

And how much is changing the trajectory of your future worth to you?

It’s time to elevate your life to the next level. 

Let’s rise together!