Cracking the code: Creation-Manifestation: Why It Fails & What To Do About It

The information in this ebook is pivotal to understanding how creation-manifestation really works.

It’s a topic that there’s a ton of misinformation about, and what IS taught generally has a lot of missing pieces, including one HUGE thing you need to address right away before you can even begin to create-manifest effectively.

"My practice is getting busier and busier and I ended up adding an extra day at my office to accommodate the increase in patients wanting to come in. I’ve also consistently gotten 1-2 new patients per week!" – Heather B., SF Bay area, USA

"My creatinine levels were over 140 for three years (normal range less than 50, I think), and in my most recent labs, they dropped to 119, and my moderate kidney disease turned into mild-to-moderate kidney disease in just a couple of months!!! I haven’t changed anything else!" - Ting J., Ottawa, Canada

And you can find out what that is in this ebook “Creation-Manifestation: Why It Fails & What To Do About It” which is regularly priced at $14.95.

 But for a limited time I'm offering this + 2 Bonuses (total value $54.95) for $7. 

It doesn’t matter what method you use to create-manifest, until you understand what’s in this ebook, it’s just never going to work consistently.

Plus TWO BONUSES (for a limited time):

Bonus #1: The audio book of Creation-Manifestation: Why It Fails & What To Do About It, (value $15) so you can listen to it on your commute, when you work out or take the dogs for a walk

Bonus #2: one of my most popular meditations: Morning Meditation Setting The Tone Of The Day (value $25). 

This very popular 15-minute meditation makes sure that your day starts off with you feeling your best, so you can show up as your best, every day you listen.

“I didn’t think this would make a difference, but ever since listening to this meditation daily so many business opportunities have opened up!” ─ Gary S., San Migeuel de Allende, Mexico

“I’ve been listening to this EVERY day and it makes my whole day feel so much better!”─ Elsie C., Louisiana, USA 

That is $54.95 of value for just $7!

And how much is changing the trajectory of your future worth to you?

It’s time to elevate your life to the next level.

Let’s rise together!


$7.00 USD

Frequency work as offered by Karen Cheong of Spherical Luminosity LLC ("Spherical Luminosity") is not for everyone. 

This is incredibly powerful new paradigm work — and it requires your active participation, strong self-awareness and a high level of personal accountability. It is an amazing tool for those who want to be self-empowered and are ready for profound positive transformation and acceleration in their personal and spiritual journeys, for those who want to begin to live their best and highest version — but only for those who are willing to take responsibility for both the progress and any roadblocks that may arise.

For people who tend to blame others for their problems, who have difficulty seeing a situation from another’s perspective and/or who are not willing or not able to take personal responsibility for themselves and the things that happen in their lives, this is not the right work for you.

If you have or believe that you may have a physical or mental health issue, and/or any medical concerns, please consult a licensed medical doctor, therapist or counselor and obtain the appropriate treatment — you must not rely on Karen Cheong and the products and services available on the Spherical Luminosity website as an alternative to medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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