Have you ever wanted to turn down the volume of the soundtrack in your head?

Do you want to slow down the speed at which thoughts spin or loop? 

Whether you're a total newbie or someone who's been practicing frequency work for a while, this free 30 minute GFC (Group Frequency Calibration® - which is like a turbocharged guided meditation with frequency work) will help you release the distortion patterns that cause that mental noise.

Gaining some distance from your thoughts allows you to find a greater sense of centeredness, have more clarity and more knowingness — and as a result be able to make better choices and experience an upgraded version of your life.

Thousands of people have already changed their lives through frequency work. Is it your time now, too?

Let's rise together!

Karen & the Spherical Luminosity team 

Quieting Your Mind GFC (FREE)


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Frequency work as offered by Karen Cheong of Spherical Luminosity LLC ("Spherical Luminosity") is not for everyone.  If you are mentally unstable/weak, tend to blame others for your problems, and/or not willing or not able to take personal responsibility, frequency work is not right for you.  If you tend to see your experience as everyone and everything doing things TO you, and you do not see yourself as an active participant in the situations that arise in your life, frequency work is probably not for you.

If you have or believe that you may have a physical or mental health issue, and/or any medical concerns, please consult a licensed medical doctor, therapist or counselor and obtain the appropriate treatment – you must not rely on Karen Cheong and the products and services available on the Spherical Luminosity website as an alternative to medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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